Eye Brows – $450.00
Frame the face and determine how your facial features are seen by others.  Permanent makeup helps women and men whose eye brows are thin, light or non existent.

Eye Liner – 350.00 for both liners or $200.00 each
Helps to define the eye.  Procedure can be for those who do not wear much makeup when applied in a thin or subtle manner.  Can also be thick or bold.  The choice is yours!

Lip Liner – $450.00
Will improve both your lips and the shape by giving the appearance of more full, sensual lips.  No more color bleeding, or reapplying liner throughout the day.

Areola Tattooing
Please contact us for more information.

Color Blend
More than lip liner, but less than full lip color.  The lips are not as defined, yet color is not added to the entire lip, but feathered into the lip liner.

Full Lip Color
Will give you the look of fullness all day, every day.  No need to apply lipstick, just gloss, if you choose.

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  1. I am so pleased with my results. I plan to increase the upper liner to complete my permanent finished look. I love it! Brows, Upper and Lower Liner. Thank You Sue!!!

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